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The fastest A/B tests on the planet

Exporio is an A/B testing platform for your websites on Cloudflare. It's six times faster and operates without screen flickers or needless redirects.

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Improve every step of your customers' journey

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Deliver unique content for every visitor in realtime
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AI Dynamic Distribution
Identify winning variations faster
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Familiar interface for revolutionary architecture

Exporio connects cutting-edge architecture with traditional A/B testing essentials.

visual editor
Create impactful experiences
An intuitive editor interface for marketers and developers, allowing for effortless design and precise code adjustments.

No coding required

Easy to use & user friendly

Smart AI-driven copy suggestions

live preview widget
Launch with confidence
Instantly visualize your experiments and personalizations directly on your website, ensuring the perfect user experience.

Deploy and monitor experiences

Immediate feedback for improvements

Enhanced QA flow

insights & analytics
Make data driven decisions
Our platform offers real-time data and comprehensive report analysis, making complex decisions simpler.

Real-time data & events

In-depth report analysis

Precise Bayesian statistics

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Experiences built at the edge

Move beyond traditional JavaScript A/B testing. Welcome to the future.

Future today

Operating on Cloudflare's edge near your website visitors, Exporio unlocks capabilities previously considered impossible.

All three architectures
Whether you prefer server-side, client-side, or edge-side A/B testing, we have you covered.
Unbeatable speed
We can only repeat our slogan - Exporio is fastest A/B testing platform on the planet.
Correct analytics data
Implementing split tests with old-fashioned A/B testing tools using redirects can irreversibly corrupt your analytics data.
Real-time user segmentation
With a sub-90ms analytics pipeline, Exporio enables you to target users based on their actions on the first page, by the time they get to the second.
Eliminate flicker & blank loading screens
Conventional A/B testing tools have flickering or blank screens, causing a significant hit to UX.
No more redirects in split tests
Redirects can damage your SEO, user experience, and analytics. Exporio lets you run split tests without the need for redirects.
Meet your new best
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Page load time ~50ms >300ms >450ms >500ms
Supported architectures server, edge, client side client side client side client side
Real-time user segmentation
Correct analytics data
Redirectless split tests
No flicker & blank loading screens

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